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Off-road route in Transylvania, Romania

The eleven-day off-road route in Transylvania, Romania has been meticulously planned to ensure daily driving doesn’t exceed six hours, allowing ample time for sightseeing, savoring regional cuisine and beverages, and relaxation.

Covering a distance of 1,390 kilometers, this route encompasses Transylvania’s most prominent tourist attractions. The journey alternates between off-road terrain and asphalt. While we avoided intentionally challenging sections, there are a few that might pose difficulties, especially in adverse weather conditions.

We’ve arranged accommodations based on wild camping or campgrounds, but you also have the option of staying in hotels, guesthouses, etc., which you can independently find through platforms like

Last updated: February 2024.

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For whom is this off-road route in Transylvania, Romania?

Romania is well-known among off-road enthusiasts in Poland. Many start their foreign expeditions from here. And Transylvania is exceptionally popular due to the legendary Dracula. Of course, exploring the monuments related to him is included in our route. There are also many other top-tier attractions; among them are two of the highest-altitude roads in Europe: Transfăgărășan and Transalpina.

You can earn 195 points in the Never-Ending Rally.

The off-road guide is available online. You will receive an email with a link to download the package of files immediately after purchase.

The package includes a detailed description of the route (PDF file) and 11 KML files (one for each stage) for GPS navigation in the recommended MAPS.ME application. It also includes 11 GPX files (one for each stage) for those using GARMIN devices.

What will you find in the PDF file?

In the general information, I present the requirements for travelers in Romania. You will learn what equipment is necessary and what documents you need for the car and crew members. I also describe the rules for using roads and where and how to pay for them. I also provide emergency phone numbers.

In the detailed descriptions of each stage, I inform you about their length, road character and difficulties, restrictions that apply or may occur, and dangers. I present attractions to visit, suggest where to shop, eat, and refuel your car.

How to use GPS navigation files?

You can use GPX files on GARMIN devices. However, I recommend using KML files and the free and very simple MAPS.ME application. It works works online and offline on smartphones, tablets, etc. with Android and iOS systems.

Start by installing this application on your device. Then simply send the KML files by email to the mailbox on the device with MAPS.ME and open them. Android immediately installs the route and it is visible on the screen. The system for Apple mobile devices (iOS) requires opening the file (an incomprehensible text will appear) and clicking on the “share” icon in the upper right corner. On the displayed list, select the Maps.Me program.

The MAPS.ME application is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that if you connect your phone to a car radio with a display that supports these systems, your route will also be visible on the car screen.

Please do not distribute our Off-Rroad Guide illegally!

If you are going on the route with other crews, encourage each one to purchase our Off-Road Guide. Only then will we have the money to update and create new guides. And if you encounter a place on the route that requires updating, please send us a description of the problem.

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